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Get prints sent to your mailbox all year.

Fresh off the press: The Certificate of Subscription.

This subscription means getting original art in your mailbox. Limited-edition prints, handmade and archival, numbered and signed, mailed to you every other month over the course of a year* or a half year.


Art in Your Mailbox

This is for people who love getting mail, and love the luscious tactility of letterpress.


Everything Handmade

First there is the certificate—hand-set in metal type and letterpress-printed in two colors on 80 lb. off-white cover stock.

Then, you receive a print in the mail in every odd-numbered month.


Every Month

And in between prints, you get a limited-edition postcard in every even-numbered month. That means something exciting in your mailbox EVERY month.

* Note that one-year subscriptions start in January and are not available to purchase after that month. Half-year subscriptions can commence in any odd-numbered month from January through July, but are not available after July. One-year subscriptions for 2020 will be available for purchase in late November 2019.